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2015-06-10 09:49:19 by zeruel107

HEY. I'M HERE! Is this the first time I make a news post on my page? I've been on NG for.. What, like 7 years? I guess it's time.. Welp, I don't make games.. Or, well, I DID assist on that one game, but that was testing 'n stuff, so nothing major..

I do kinda wanna advertise for the class I went to this year, we have some games up on Gamejolt ( ), where 4 of the better games made through the (last) year is shown, and downloadable. 

I don't have much more..


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2015-06-10 12:39:43

Never too late... so you test games?

We're working on something too

zeruel107 responds:

I could try. It'd also help if I got a pointer to what the game is about and all that stuff. Send me a copy over mail, or skype (should be on my profile).